Friday, August 23, 2013

Announcement: I am now officially..............

......a WIFE!! :)

Salam to all,

Haven't been here for ages. Though my blog is rarely visited, but still I will write about it!

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah that I tied the knot with my husband Mohd Afiq Zambri on a beautiful Jumaat evening 14th June 2013. Today it marks our 70 days of being together :)

May Allah bless us and our families Inshaa Allah:)

To those who accidentally stumbled upon this dull blog, please enjoy some photos during our simple solemnization ceremony below :)

 The solemnization

May Allah unite both of us in goodness. Ameen.


 The wedding ring

Du'a from my husband

Sneak peak from the bride's reception

All photos above are captured by naturally talented photographers from tujuhpointdua team. Please visit their facebook!
FYI, my husband, Afiq is one of the photographers. But he was on 'leave' on that day. Hehe.

Sneak peak from the groom's reception. This photo was taken by Afiq's friend who is also a wedding photographer by profession. You can check Mohyiddin awesome shots here.

Done with the pictures.

Actually I would like to share some of my experience during the bridezilla period. The success, happiness, excitement, what I like most about my big day also and some tips. But I do not know when I am going to have time to write like this. 

I am writing this in a cybercafe you know, since our new crib is not yet equipped with unifi - hihihi.

Till then,
from an ex- bride to be from Johor Bahru (but based in KL)

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Mz Aisya said...

sweet je . cepat2 la update tips2 nye. hehe.