Friday, April 8, 2011

You scream, I scream-- ICE CREAAAAMM!!!


Here are some pictures to prove that I have a BIG sweet tooth!

New Zealand Natural, KLCC. Yummylicious!!

Tutti Frutti with my besties, Filzah Hanis. Largest cup! Amek kau!

My first time for Tutti Frutti. Medium cup for me..!!

Waffle with 6 choices of ice cream flavour. Topped with choc sauce and sprinkled with cornflakes! Awesome! *Location: Gelatomio, Pavillion, near Cotton On.

Ice cream at Sogo. *near escalator.

Have you ever tried Pegaga Ice Cream? Yes, it is PEGAGA, the ulam-ulaman. *Pennywort in English. This ice cream produced by my course-mates when we were in our final year.
Delicious yet healthy!! Suitable for lactose-intolerant cause it made from soymilk, not animal's milk. Ceh, tetiba promote! :)

Me captured this pix. Aisya and Fareeza were enjoying a BIG bowl of plain ice-cream that we made by ourselves during Dairy Technology Lab Practical.
Can you see the BIG stainless steel bowl? Yes, we produced several bowls and finished it all!

This pix was taken about 5-6 years ago, during my matriculation days.. My verry first time consume Ice Cream Cake with my Gedegangz girl, Ain.

I tasted Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins, but could't differentiate the difference. Both are delicious, creamy, the texture is very nice, best mouthfeel. :)

Btw, do you have SUPERRR sweet tooth? :B


sasa said...

awak ni cantek u ..sila banjer saye..

Tuan Auz said...

ishh rindunye sayaaa kat lab dairy! =D bestnyeee!

am3thyst said...

sasa, ish2.. overr tau awak ni.. yela, nnti saya belanja asikrim mlysia nak?? heheheh.

auz, yup2, aku pun rindu sangat2 time lab dairy. heee!! :D

izt said...

awak awak, awak buat la aiskrim kat saya. saya sukeeeee sangat sangat.haha.
eh. buatkan aku aiskrim. >:|

am3thyst said...

izt, sila beli bahan2 utk buat aiskrim ye... hehhehe.