Friday, November 27, 2009

My Special AIdiladha :)

Salam 'alaik n hello!! Today we r celebrating Raya Haji n i wish all muslims over the world Happy Eid Adha..! Hope we will have blissful, colourful n joyful raya this year.. :)

This Eid Adha is very special for me coz i'm celbrating raya with my 1st newborn niece...I'm soooo happy coz my fmly members have added up. The more the merrier~ :)
Oh! this pix captured just few hours after she has delivered by her momma!

For raya preparation, i baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting last evening..It was my 1st time baking a carrot cake coz i never tried it before.. All this while, i only eat carrot cake sold in my faculty cafe n also at Resepi Rahsia~~ Alhamdulillah, the cake was baked well, but the frosting was a lil bit messy.. hehehe.. since, i dun have any experience in decorating cake or attend any cake decor class.. but, i'm looking forward to join that cake/pastry stuff class.. ;p

Hehehe..another half, ate by my brothers..;p

So friends, enjoy your raya k.. Dont eat t0o much if u dont want ur stomach bulging... hehehe..